About Us

SPANDAN HEALTHCARE – An ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization

The implementation of the project “Spandan Healthcare” was a thought about the basic healthcare amenities available in the district of Birbhum. Birbhum district which is considered to be rich in its cultural heritage through the blending of various cultures and its unique importance in the field of Literature, Philosophy, Art, Music and various pattern of human life which has created and embedded the sense of imagination and love throughout the world.

But to its vivid progress in terms of culture, the healthcare facilities available has been just opposite of its cultural heritage. The district in terms of healthcare services are mainly dependent on Kolkata as in case of any structured or superior treatment the same needs to be referred to Kolkata for availing the best in class treatment.

Suri being the district town is surrounded by many important towns like Sainthia, Bolpur, Dubrajpur, Bakreswar Rampurhat and many more blocks and panchayat areas. Though Suri and the other towns of Birbhum do have quality doctors who had been catering to the healthcare needs of the people of Birbhum, but the lack of proper and affordable investigation facilities often delay the treatment majority of the pathological investigations are needed to done from Kolkata.

In pursuit of the same we, at SPANDAN HEALTHCARE, pledge to provide the citizens of Birbhum a total healthcare solution through our state of the art technology, equipment and dedicated members of the Spandan family. We, as a team, are committed to provide the best of services, which the people of Birbhum deserve.

SPANDAN HEALTHCARE is a long awaited aspiration of the people of Birbhum who always deserved the quality healthcare facilities in reach of every individual and saving upon their precious time otherwise for which they had to anxiously wait for few days before they could be treated by the qualified doctors of the district.

The need for a quality healthcare institution where in the entire medical fraternity could bestow their trust and faith has been envisaged by us and the long awaited aspiration of every individual of Birbhum will come true.

SPANDAN HEALTHCARE shall provides a total healthcare solution under one roof wherein providing all latest diagnostic services in accordance to the international standards and conforming to the strict internal and external quality control practices.

SPANDAN HEATHCARE assures the entire medical fraternity of our best in class services in terms quality management, patient management and bringing forth the latest international diagnostic information through our dedicated and updated management system.

SPANDAN HEALTHCARE shall be equipped with the international quality pathological laboratory, which shall be equipped with the latest and the best in class equipment which shall enable to generate the best of results in accordance to the international quality control and standards.